Gayle Crites

Dancing with the Trickster

About the Artist

Artist Statement

Bark comprises some of the world’s oldest cloth, and is still hand-pounded by indigenous women in locations ranging from the south Pacific through the Americas to Africa. I use varieties of this cultural art form from Tonga, American Samoa and Nicaragua as the “canvas” for my works in this show. Historic natural dyes of indigo blue from India and cochineal red from Mexico contribute more natural elements to these works, which connect ancient humankind to the burgeoning population of our modern world.

Just as men have always relied upon trees for materials and oxygen, another connection between the ancients and modern society is our dependence upon, and challenges with, water. My most recent body of work reflects a theme of water and the concepts of flow, aquifer, drought, pollution and the tangled problems we face in using and preserving humanity’s lifeblood.

Dancing with the Trickster
Beautiful Imperfect
Beginnings of Culturation
Philosopher's Stone
Alchemy II
Alchemy I
Seeds then baskets until heirlooms
Inca means: Children of the Sun
The Soul would have no rainbow….
Sung into being
My tribe teaches us to remember
Then Now - Now Then