Jeff Kahm (1968-2021)
Mar 27 - Apr 24 2021

Yesterday we lost an accomplished contemporary artist, teacher, and friend too soon. Jeff Kahm’s sudden passing leaves a tremendous void in the community. His creative, methodical, almost scientific exploration of his artistic ideas yielded beautiful results. He had the focus, dedication, and motivation

Irene Kung: Seven Trees
Apr 9 - May 8 2021

Irene Kung's portfolio of seven large scale photographs on view this month in the main gallery. While her chosen medium is photography, the work transcends the photographic image and provides a strong emotional reaction to the viewer. Kung explains, “I shoot the tree at the moment, not for what

Polly Barton
Jul 2 - Jul 31 2021

Barton's first solo exhibition at Chiaroscuro will present her most recent large scale, abstract double-ikat weavings in our main gallery. Images below represent current double ikat inventory.

Renate Aller

Chiaroscuro presented a major solo exhibition in July 2018 of Aller's new body of work, "Mountain Interval," which features large scale photographs and accompanies her fourth monograph published with Radius Books, spring 2018. With the same intensity and vision Aller

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