Inspired by the Land, Part II
Oct 22 - Nov 27 2021

Contemporary Abstraction has always been a main focus of Chiaroscuro and its interesting to note that within the 20 represented artists, at least half of the artwork is in some way inspired by, or linked to Nature. The "great outdoors" specifically. The contemporary photograph of Renate Aller

Holiday Group Show
Dec 3 - Jan 8 2022

Our annual Holiday Group Show is a chance to hang a wide variety of artwork so visitors can see the tremendous depth of our offerings from twenty represented artists. After the show is installed December 1, images of works on view will be posted here.

Rick Bartow

Rick Bartow's tribal affiliation and heritage is Wiyot of Northern California. Personal experiences, cultural engagement and global myths, especially Native American transformation stories, are the heart of his art. Animals and self-portraits populate his iconography, and he

Ed Brandt

Ed Brandt received a Master of Fine Arts from UNM in 2017 with a focus in painting and drawing. Ed’s painted abstractions balance reductive formal directness with layered media and materials exploring perceptions of time, place, object, and experience. For over a decade

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