Winter Group Show
Winter Group Show
Feb 3 - Apr 1 2023

The revolving Winter Group Show features gallery artists hung in interesting juxtapositions. In the main galleries downstairs we have Duane Slick & Daniel Brice paintings in one room, and Chris Richter & Rick Bartow paintings in the other. Emmi Whitehorse's paintings and Penny Truitt & Peter

Gayle Crites

Bark comprises some of the world’s oldest cloth, and is still hand-pounded by indigenous women in locations ranging from the south Pacific through the Americas to Africa. I use varieties of this cultural art form from Tonga, American Samoa and Nicaragua as the “canvas”

Rick Bartow (1946-2016)

Rick Bartow's tribal affiliation and heritage is Wiyot of Northern California. Personal experiences, cultural engagement and global myths, especially Native American transformation stories, are the heart of his art. Animals and self-portraits populate his iconography, and he

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