"Emmi Whitehorse: Mapping the Microcosm"

Past Show: Jul 5-Aug 3 2019

Chiaroscuro is pleased to present a solo exhibition for Emmi Whitehorse in July this year. Working with oil, pastel, graphite and chalk on paper, mounted on canvas, for over 30 years, Whitehorse’s art transcends the materials and pulls the viewer into a vibrant “living” abstraction. "My paintings tell the story of knowing land over time," she has said, "of being completely, micro cosmically within a place." See images below which are part of the show. Other currently available Whitehorse paintings are posted in the "Artists" section on this site as well, see link below.

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Fossil Bed

Featured Exhibit Work

Fossil Bed

by Emmi Whitehorse


Oil, mixed media on paper mounted on canvas

51 X 78.50

Inventory ID: #16233

Please contact us about price

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