"Perspectives: Natural Views: Renate Aller & Jean-Luc Mylayne"

Upcoming Show: Mar 24-Jul 20 2019

"Perspectives: Natural Views Renate Aller & Jean-Luc Mylayne" @ Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY

Renate Aller’s dynamic compositions are rich with implied narratives. Her pictures present vistas that are forbidding yet strangely intimate, and never exactly what they seem at first glance. This site specific installation brings together works from several series of images captured throughout the artist’s career. Juxtaposing photographs in her Mountain Interval and Ocean | Desert series, they provide a full expression of Aller’s exploration of the interrelationships among romanticism, memory, and place.

Jean-Luc Mylayne photographs commonplace birds in natural habitats that range from small farms in rural France to grandly scaled landscapes in the southwestern United States. His large-scale images combine his personal quest for understanding of the essence of human existence with a finely tuned sense of artistry, bringing nature and man-made, stillness and motion, calm and tension, to poetic and mysterious works of art.

Link to Parrish Site: https://parrishart.org/exhibitions/perspectives-natural-views

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#60 Atlantic Ocean Nov 2013, Ed. 1/5

Featured Exhibit Work

#60 Atlantic Ocean Nov 2013, Ed. 1/5

by Renate Aller


Archival pigment print

47 X 67

Inventory ID: #15052

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