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Past Show: Aug 10-Sep 8 2018

Rose B. Simpson: “This show will consist of a small collection of large open vessels that have been deconstructed and put back together. I am calling these Storytellers. The Storytellers will contain abstracted forms and portraits; Stories. As much as this collection is an abstract concept, it is intentionally referencing the “storyteller” style of sculpture that was made famous through the work of contemporary Indigenous ceramists from Cochiti Pueblo, NM. This is one take of mine to bring the power of referencing our stories to the cultural inclusivity that abstraction can offer… once again working to bridge cultural communications through identifying the human condition that everyone, from every walk of life, can identify with.”

Artwork to be posted online shortly before August 10th opening. Simpson will be attending both receptions, August 10, and August 17 (Indian Market weekend)

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Storytellers I (basket)

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Storytellers I (basket)

by Rose B. Simpson


Ceramic, leather, wood

19 X 24 X 22

Inventory ID: #16122

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