Tim Jag

About the Artist

We just received five new paintings from Tim Jag that are part of his current body of work titled, "Ghost Shadows." The new works can best be described as hard-edge paintings even though Jag has referenced shadows in his series title. Jag has immersed himself in the form; in this case – color bands of equal size divide the canvas into thirds and set up relationships between the bands of color. The paintings function on many levels, from flat abstractions to suggestions of landscape. But, it is the color, more than form, which sets these works apart. Subtle vibrations of color interact with each other forming a mood and physical presence which is almost sculptural. When Jag talks about the colors and where they come from he refers to shadows, and the color of shadows, and how they relate to the object casting the shadow. Also, the environment the shadow exists in and of coarse the light source are concerns as well. The works are executed with acrylic paint on canvas on board. The paint is built up to achieve a satisfying depth of color in each band with the edges left as raw grey-stained canvas. The five works are currently on display in the gallery.

Based in Santa Fe and always painting in series, Tim Jag is known for his distinct and varied thematic output. Exploring radically different compositional and color experiments, yet holding a signature style and sensibility. In his previous body of work, the "Dualities Series", Jag explains: “As paintings, the 'Dualities Series' is an attempt to develop a pictorial language based on an abstract tradition of field versus ground, or flat versus depth, employing architectonic geometry, pure colors, and blacks and whites to arrive at a harmonious design.”