Daniel Brice

Untitled Charcoal 16-100

About the Artist

California based artist Daniel Brice's mixed media canvases and works on paper are a study in the use of line and color to convey, through simple gestural movements, a complex world of ideas.

His painted works on paper and canvases are about the interplay of color and line used effectively to convey a sense of balance and imbalance. Where lines or colors converge, as they sometimes do, they become blurred as though disturbed by a momentary convergence. Ending abruptly when they intersect with either the hard-edge of a rectangular plane within the work or by the outer edge of the work itself, the lines require us to complete them or connect them, to see beyond what is there to what is not there.

Brice's work in charcoal and pastel is the result of painstaking attention to detail that involves a combination of dark, curved line work with hard-edged planes appearing almost as collage elements in each piece. These works incorporate subtle color in the curves and corners of each line.

Untitled Charcoal 16-100
Untitled WCL 206
Untitled WCL 207
Untitled WCS 109
Untitled WCS 109
Untitled Charcoal 15-101
Untitled Charcoal 15-102
Untitled Charcoal 15-103
Untitled WCS 101
Untitled WCS 102
Untitled WCS 103
Untitled WCS 105
Untitled WCS 106
Untitled WCL 201
Untitled WCL 202
Untitled WCL 203
Untitled WCL 204
Untitled WCL 205
Untitled MCF-14
Untitled MCF-8