Renate Aller

#17 Nepal, Himalayas | Swiss Alps

About the Artist

Chiaroscuro presented a major solo exhibition in July 2018 of Aller's new body of work, "Mountain Interval," which features large scale photographs and accompanies her fourth monograph published with Radius Books, spring 2018. With the same intensity and vision Aller has shown in her oceanscape and desertscape work, "Mountain Interval" will change the way you see and feel the scale and grandeur of the landscape.

Renate Aller was born in Germany and received her formal education in London, UK, and now works and lives in New York. She has exhibited her work and undertaken residencies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and her works are in the collections of corporate institutions, private collectors and museums, including The Lannan Foundation, The Yale University Art Gallery and Kunsthalle Hamburg/Germany, among others.

Aller debuted a new body of work in September 2014, titled "Ocean|Desert" in conjunction with the release of a book with the same name published by Radius Books of Santa Fe, NM. These photos achieve success on many levels - first and foremost, they transform the scene depicted into an emotional reaction to the landscape. The horizon line, sky, water, sand, and humans are all elements of the composition that are transformed and abstracted within the picture frame to create multiple connections and juxtapositions.

Radius says of the "Ocean|Desert" images: There is both a visual and visceral relationship between the two bodies of work, as though the minerals of the sand dunes carry the memory of the ocean waters that were there millions of years before. The desert images also capture visitors to the dunes, who engage in beach activities far away from any large body of water. And while these parallel realities are from completely different locations, the simultaneous, multiple activities on the sloping sand hills appears as if layers of different people and activities were choreographed next to rolling waves of the sea.

In addition to the images in "Mountain Interval," Chiaroscuro has works available from Aller’s "Oceanscapes - One View - Ten Years" portfolio, "dicotyledon" series, and "Ocean | Desert" series. All photographs come in editions of XL, large, medium, and small sizes. Please contact the gallery for further images, pricing and availability.
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