Irene Kung

Albero Neve, Ed 2/5

About the Artist

Born in Switzerland in 1958, Irene Kung was trained as a painter and achieved her early success as a gifted artist known principally for her still-life painting. Her technique, modeled on Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance frescoes delicately describes the tension between classical civilization and the contemporary world. In recent years she has expanded her repertoire to include photography and has made a dramatic entry into the field. Her work has primarily been directed at depicting striking and beautiful architectural monuments, or fragments thereof, in Europe, as well as exotic plant life. The finished prints are of a textural subtlety that sets them apart from the mainstream of contemporary photography.

Cypress of Monterey, Ed 1/5
Albero Neve, Ed 2/5
Albero Inverno 2, Ed. 1/5
Palma 2, Ed. 4/5
Ulivo Primavera, Ed. 5/8
Palma Rosa, Ed. 1/5
Albero Genitore, (Parent Tree) Ed. 4/5
Mulberry/Gelso, Ed. 2/5
Fico 2, Ed 1/5
Felce Rossa, ed. 2/9
Felce, ed. 2/9
NY Chrysler Building, ed. 2/5
NY Empire State Building, ed. 1/5
Roma, Cupola, ed. 2/9
Paris Louvre, ed. 2/9
Paris Eiffel, ed. 1/9
Buenos Aires Edificio Barolo, ed. 1/9
Roma Piramide Cestia, ed. 2/9