Yuki Murata

When Trees Obscure the View

About the Artist

The geometry and structure of my work are artifacts from my training as a product and architectural designer. I have been channeling this design history and experience into my painting practice by exploring lines, bands and grids as well as using materials normally associated with building construction and housewares. Rhythmic linear repetition and a subtle color palette are my meditation on the restoration and repair I search for in our splintered, suffering world. The surfaces are repeatedly built up and sanded, scraped and burnished back as an homage to the making, death and remaking of all life. I habitually return to square formats to honor our human desire for stability and order in our current world of chaos and disruption. In my work I am trying to document time and location by using materials gathered from the properties around where I am working. Inspired by the fragility and perseverance of the natural world I highlight the tension between the environment and humanity. My goal is to capture the essence of a place and to foster a visual contemplation on beauty of wild land and our relationship to it. I see my work as core samples, layers of geology, terrain and time.
When Trees Obscure the View
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