Neal Ambrose-Smith

That sinking feeling

About the Artist

Statement, August 2020 Show
I tend to be inspired by good things: James Ensor, de Kooning, Mitchell, Quick-to-See. Perhaps I’ll murmur from Pollock to Mehretu. Even stealing a riff or 2 from Squeak makes my day. What I cannot do is extricate myself from current events, the bad to worse scenarios that affect all peoples and their dogs. Perhaps our dogs are as tired of us as we are of our 4 walls. Fox, CNN, tabloids and advertising blur the borders of the canvas, fencing in the paint, cripes! Indigenous painting with colonial borders. Fortunately, I can get my Guston on, paint the talking heads and put them on the walls. Alter-Native paintings in alternative facts.
The Bright Side
The Still
Painting is taxing
It gives me the cavity creeps
If I have to listen to the news one more time
Coyote whispers in Italian
Do you ever get that feeling?
That sinking feeling
They Travel Through Me
Cultural First Responder
Singing the Rood Off