Ed Brandt

No. 190403

About the Artist

Ed Brandt received a Master of Fine Arts from UNM in 2017 with a focus in painting and drawing. Ed’s painted abstractions balance reductive formal directness with layered media and materials exploring perceptions of time, place, object, and experience. For over a decade he has participated in solo and group exhibitions.

Originally from Chicago, Ed Brandt received a BA from Lewis University in 1994 concentrating in both fine art and graphic design. Upon graduation he began a career as a graphic designer, founding his own company five years later, serving clients from various industries nationwide. Pursuing his passion for education, Ed began teaching for The University of New Mexico’s Department of Continuing Education in 2011, instructing a variety of art, design, and technical courses.
No. 190403
No. 181129
No. 181221
No. 190201
No. 190202
No. 190203
Formal Artifact (180713)
Formal Artifact (180719)
Reference Point