Yazzie Johnson & Gail Bird

Necklace: Double Strand Tahitian Keshi Pearls

About the Artist

Yazzie Johnson and Gail Bird will be presenting their artwork at the 59th annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market in Phoenix AZ, March 4 & 5, 2017. All previous Chiaroscuro inventory will be available from the artists at the fair. We expect to have new inventory here at the gallery in late March 2017 and have plans to present a solo exhibition of their new work in August 2017.

For well over 30 years, Yazzie Johnson & Gail Bird have consistently presented unique, dynamic and innovative jewelry executed with the highest level of craftsmanship and artistry. Chiaroscuro is pleased to present their finest contemporary Native American jewelry year round. In August, during Indian Market, Chiaroscuro shows pieces that do not qualify to be displayed at Indian Market, because of materials or processes used to create. These “non-market” pieces are critical viewing for those who want to witness Yazzie and Gail’s accomplished artistry in precious gems, stones, gold and silver. Not all inventory is posted online. Please contact the gallery for further information.
Necklace: Double Strand Tahitian Keshi Pearls
Pin: Owynee Jasper / Coral Tufa Cast Butterfly
Pendant: Coral / Montana Agate
Pendant: Moonstone, Fossil Palm
Pendant: Double Grossular Garnet
Earrings: Yowah Opal, Petrified Oak
Earrings: Carved Onyx, Black Star Sapphire, tufa cast gold
Earrings: Anamook Matrix Opal, Garnet
Earrings: Black Star Sapphire, Tufa cast gold drops
Earrings: Fire Agate, Drusy Astrophyllite
Cufflinks: Glass Eyeballs
Rings: Aquamarine, Blue Star Sapphire
Rings: Triple Black Star Sapphire
Rings: Grape Chalcedony