Tasha Ostrander

Night Bluem X, Edition 1/6

About the Artist

"Night Bluem" Statement

"The "Night Bluem" images begin with a mandala like form of flowers: circular, symmetrical and balanced. Layered upon these iconic forms is an overlay of more gestural markings - random, accidental and fluid - which interact with symmetry, and conceptually referencing to nature as the architect of infinite possibilities within forms of geometric essence. Working with photography and liquid materials of color, the balance of pure form with random circumstance are portrayed. As an artist I have always experimented with ways to see more clearly, that which is there for us to perceive. I’m drawn to the internal perceptions of ourselves and how they relate to the world that is always metamorphosing and behaving in poetic terms. With the "Night Bluem" series, I was able to access and express these abstract ideas by combining the photographic image with a gestural painting.

The nocturnal reference in the title of "Night Bluem" refers to the idea that there are always layers to our perceptions and at night we enter into the deeper, more abstract aspects of ourselves."

Tasha Ostrander, June 2020
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