Chris Richter

Reveal 500a, Sunset So Black & Blue

About the Artist

Chris Richter's most recent paintings are from his solo exhibition, "Stratum," presented in 2020. As his abstract paintings evolve, "Stratum" focuses on investigations into light and color. Richter’s work has always centered on an abstract interpretation of landscape; ocean rocks, wispy leaves, agave plants and eucalyptus bark. With "Stratum," he dives deeper into the color relationships between warm and cool, light and dark, in the context of each individual color’s absorption and reflection qualities. Many of the pieces end up predominantly white or black, with exquisite details of contrasting color breaking through the surface. These relationships and contrasts coexist and bring life to the paintings. Influenced by the "Light and Space" movement in Southern California in the 1960s, which embodied the perceptual phenomena of light, Richter uses light as a source of inspiration. He explains, “Light brings color and insight to all things. Light gives life to darkness and as light grows, the colors and depths are enhanced and seen. When the light fades, colors shift towards dark, eventually to black.”

General Artist Statement
I have always been intrigued by an idea that there is a human condition in nature. It is especially revealing in the relationships that trees have with one another. This is a source of inspiration for me. And whether it is nature’s own forces or the human forces that impact nature, they open up another opportunity for me to explore. I have tapped into these forces’ most inherent characteristics to make my work from beginning to end.

With regards to my painting process, my conceptual approach combined with a subdued color palette offers an unexpected look into nature’s mystery and intrigue. And while my work forgoes details and actualities there are always identifiable traits that reveal themselves to me and the viewer. It is almost without exception that I use the inner-most findings in nature for color reference and palette combinations to reveal parts unknown and often overlooked.

My original intent is through color, form and composition. It is not until the build up and growth of a painting followed by the deconstructive process of sanding down through the layers that leads to the discovery and revelation of the image. The unknown involved with this process is sometimes the most rewarding and can be an exhilarating experience resulting in a surface both unexpected and seductive.
Reveal 500a, Sunset So Black & Blue
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