Ed Brandt: Temporal Arrangement

Santa Fe, NM – Chiaroscuro is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ed Brandt, titled Temporal Arrangement, on view September 7 – October 12, 2019, featuring Brandt’s most recent mixed media paintings. Please join us for the opening reception, Friday, September 13, from 5pm to 7pm, with the artist.

The characteristics of Ed Brandt’s geometric Modernist paintings are direct and formal in appearance. He works with a combination of materials building up tactile mixed media surfaces in his mostly black and white paintings. The push and pull of blocks of light and dark and the flow of line throughout, lead the viewer into an abstract narrative 2 dimensional composition. The pieces have and architectural feel, as the layers of paint and line overlap “building up” the work. Brandt explains, “My art is a reflection of the built environment and a nostalgic reference to landscapes; not in a pictorial sense, but rather in a recontextualized memory of places that I have inhabited. Within my work I balance formal concerns while seeking out the sublime in the ordinary, often overlooked objects.”

Ed Brandt received his Master of Fine Arts in painting at University of New Mexico in 2017 and Chiaroscuro started representing him shortly thereafter. His MFA thesis show in May 2017 at UNM, was widely recognized and well received. Temporal Arrangement is his first solo show at Chiaroscuro, which presents a cohesive body of work painted over the last year.