Daniel Brice: Polaroid Paintings

November 23 – December 29, 2018

Opening Reception, Friday, November 23, 5-7pm

Santa Fe, NM– Chiaroscuro is pleased to present a new body of work from Los Angeles based painter Daniel Brice, on view from November 23 through December 29 in the main gallery. Polaroid Paintings is a collection of large and small scale paintings, based on a singular iconic image of a vase and flowers, captured years ago by Brice with a Polaroid camera. Pinned up on his studio wall for years, the photographic image serves as an inspiration and formal structure for this series. The paintings are rendered with varying degrees of abstraction and the repetition of subject pulls each piece together to form a powerful suite of “variations on a theme.”

For most of Brice’s career, geometric abstraction with a minimalist sensibility has dominated the imagery. For instance, brilliant large swaths of color, inspired by the Southern California light, and infinite ocean vistas, played the main roll in his previous Oxnard series. Brice brings the same approach, in terms of mark making, color and movement, to the Polaroid paintings. He’s plugging into a long history of still life painting, with the symbolism and beauty of rendering flowers, yet retaining the expansive power of large fields of color which dominate the picture plane and pull you into the “atmosphere” of the painting.

Daniel Brice is a nationally recognized artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and has exhibited widely. A recent inclusion in the Allentown Art Museum’s A Collecting Spirit: Gifts of Paul Kania exhibition featured dozens of Brice’s charcoal drawings, monoprints, and oil-on-paper works collected from Chiaroscuro over the last decade. Chiaroscuro has represented Brice’s work in Santa Fe since 2005 and Polariod Paintings is his fourth solo exhibition here.