Chris Richter: Reveal III

Chris Richter: Reveal III

July 7 – August 5, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, July 7, 5-7 pm

Santa Fe, NM– Chiaroscuro is pleased to present Chris Richter’s, Reveal III; the third solo exhibition featuring his dynamic, oil on panel, reductive, color field paintings. Since transforming his painting style from realism to abstraction, in his first Chiaroscuro solo show in 2013, Richter has explored the relationship between the natural world of trees, water, and atmosphere and how to express their subtleties and essence in paint. Reveal III, is a new body of work where you see changes of palette and mood as Richter responds to his relocation to Southern California and the ever present ocean environs.

The constantly changing weather patterns blowing in off the Pacific create a specific atmosphere. Richter explains, “The Ocean has definitely had an effect on my work, not only emotionally but also with my technique and process in general.”

It’s the colors, forms and textures of everything in the artist’s natural environment that provides the launching point for his abstract paintings. In Reveal III, subtle changes in color and form bring Richter’s painting to the next step in the evolution of his process. Each painting is executed with numerous layers of paint, which after drying, the artist goes back into, sanding down to previous layers and bringing form to the color. As the process continues in each piece, and collectively in the group, a body of work emerges with individual paintings relating and responding to each other. While these paintings are definitely abstract, you can feel the connection the artist has to the natural world, which provides the inspiration for the work.

Reveal III will feature just over a dozen large and small scale paintings. The artist will be present at the July 7, opening reception. After over a decade of living and painting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Richter has recently relocated to Laguna Beach, California.


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