November Feature: Mike Stack & Tim Jag

Contact: John Addison, 505-992-0711                                              October 13, 2011


November Feature

November 4 – December 3, 2011

The month of November brings Chiaroscuro the opportunity to feature two emerging abstract painters, Mike Stack and Tim Jag. Both artists’ body of work fall into the geometric abstraction genre and use uniform straight lines and slight variations in color to achieve radically different results.

Mike Stack is a recent addition to Chiaroscuro’s represented artists. Based in Tucson AZ, Stack has been painting for over 20 years, exhibits widely in Arizona, and has been a professor of art at Pima Community College in Tucson since 2002.

Stack’s paintings are built upon a rigid structure of equidistant horizontal lines painted in slightly varying hues of color. The palette is carefully considered, providing an endless variation on hue.

Stack explains, “Variation for me is not a thematic device but an inner construct by which I can abstractly register the vivid natural spectacles of the surrounding Southwest without quoting verbatim the desert floor, a rock face, or a particular sky.”

Tim Jag’s featured paintings are recent works from his Colornova series. Like Stack, the work relies on thin strips of carefully considered colors, but Jag’s lines join together at a definitive point, forming the nucleus of an ever expanding color nova. Both large and small scale pieces will be on view. Jag elaborates, “The paintings are my way of abstractly using color and symmetry to symbolize celestial movement and experience…Formally, these paintings strive for balance between flat space versus depth, and color sensations that come out of color juxtapositions.”

Jag has exhibited widely across the Southwest and currently resides in California.