“Bulking up for Summer”

Gallery Update: 6/19/08

In the last few weeks Chiaroscuro has received a substantial amount of new inventory as the yearly cycle brings us to the top of our 2008 season from July – October. We have added, or in the process of photographing and adding, many new works to the website. Chiaroscuro presents two curated shows monthly and installs recent arrivals from other artists in the rooms around our main events.

Check out new pieces from these regular artists: Rebecca Bluestone, Daniel Brice, Siddiq Khan, Phillis Ideal, and Emmi Whitehorse.

Also, new artists to the gallery have recently sent work: Rana Rochet, Gayle Crites, Brian Hollister and the photographs for Irene Kung‘s July show have arrived.

The current exhibitions of “Trio” which includes Nora Naranjo-Morse, Rose B. Simpson and Eliza Naranjo-Morse along with Pasha Rafat’s “Light Sculpture” is off to a great start. We had a capacity crowd at the opening last Friday, and as people come to town for the Site Santa Fe Biennial opening this weekend the gallery has been bustling.

The “Trio” artists have finally finished their Site Santa Fe installations and are looking forward to getting out of the heat for the next couple days. Nora, Rose and Eliza have created a clay thread that weaves through three off site locations (IAIA Museum, School of American Research and St. Francis Auditorium at the NM Museum of Art) and winds right in the front door of the Site Santa Fe building on Paseo de Peralta.

Pasha Rafat’s pieces, installed in three rooms at the gallery, are a joy to walk by daily, and keep the galleries cool as the 90 watt spot lights are turned off for optimal effect from the neon lights.

Enjoy the new pieces and call or email with any questions!

Best Regards,

John Addison