Principia: Bebe Krimmer Show Opening Friday April 4th, 5 pm tp 7 pm

Apr 4th-May 3rd 2008

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Bebe Krimmer’s current body of work addresses her fascination with the vastness of the sky above; unending space, to explore and document. ‘Principia’ is an exhibition of mixed-media paintings that dives deeper than her previous explorations and comes back with a body of work depicting constellations, planets, and space. The work, rich black abstractions with patterns of light, is comprised of collaged visuals from star charts, astronomy books and other found materials. While the designs are not scientifically accurate, they have the power to pull you in and capture the intrigue of the unknown universes. ‘Principia’ is Krimmer’s third show dealing with the night sky in the past 12 years. The title is taken from Newton’s writings and denotes “bodies under gravitation and planetary motions.” These two elements strongly influence these abstract works.

A painter for over 40 years, Bebe Krimmer has shown extensively in New Mexico, Illinois and California. Recent awards include a Merit of Excellence for the Miniature Exhibition, Roswell Museum, Roswell, NM, and a scholarship at Santa Fe Art Institute.