"Six Navajo Masters: Abeyta, Begay, Johns, Whitehorse, Whitethorne & Yazzie"

Past Show: May 16-Aug 4 2019

Featuring works from six Navajo artists considered to be masters of their craft Tony Abeyta, Shonto Begay, David Johns, Emmi Whitehorse, Baje Whitethorne, Sr., and Larry Yazzie. This exhibit focuses on the rich cultural and spiritual Navajo traditions. The concept for this exhibit was a collaboration between Booth Museum and guest curator Peggy Lanning, a former gallery owner.

The artworks pictured below are included in the Booth Museum show and are available for sale through Chiaroscuro.


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by Emmi Whitehorse


Oil, chalk, pencil, pastel on paper

40.5 X 28

Inventory ID: #15961

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